CSR Projects

Welcome to BVS Mortgages' CSR Projects, where we are committed to making a positive impact on society through our responsible business practices and community engagement initiatives.

Our Social Responsibility

The BVS Group represents a business model that reflects its ethics by way of sharing its yield and profits with the lesser privileged. Our belief is that it translates to charity and corporate social responsibility, which is our effort to support the vulnerable with empathetic outreach.

Children are the future of the world. A child’s world forms the basis of what a family, a community and a nation is to become someday. This is why education enrichment during a child’s growing years can never be overemphasized.

BVS Group is proud to be partnered with Educare Sri Lanka, a trusted and well established non-governmental organization with a dedicated outreach team that conducts assistance programs in Sri Lanka to lower income and impoverished groups and communities.

Our partnership as helped build a formative future for the children of the poorest communities living in rural Sri Lanka by donating books and stationary for their schooling. For almost a decade and with over 350 children provided assistance, our outreach to these communities has supported education in essence and is changing the outlook for the better of these children and their families. 

At BVS we look at wider community impact. With a clear understanding of our role and responsibility as a company, our CSR initiatives will continue to create a better environments, as we pledge to share our successes with these lesser privileged communities.

Understanding and acknowledging the reality of poverty motivates us to do even more. As we grow as an organization, our expanse of outreach grows as well. At BVS business is a success story that we share in kind for the betterment of others. And with hope to see great changes with each passing year.

Let us remember these words of wisdom by inspirational writer Mr. Israelmore Ayivor “Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive”.

Our Projects

EduCare Foundation Book Donation - Project 2023
EduCare Foundation Book Donation - Project 2023