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accident protection
Accident protection is an insurance policy that provides compensation for accidental injury or death.

What is Accident protection?

Accident protection, also known as accident insurance, is insurance that offers coverage for individuals who have met with an accident that resulted in injury or death. This insurance policy typically includes compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, dismemberment, loss of sight, and death.

Do I need Accident protection in UK?

Accident insurance is considered as a supplementary form of insurance that serves as a  financial safety net in the event of an injury or loss of life. Its purpose is to cover expenses that may not be covered by your primary medical insurance.Yes, having an accident protection insurance in the UK can certainly be a ‘life saver’ when having to deal with unforeseen expenses.

Cover we provide with MetLife

With MultiProtect, you can lead the life you love without worry. This service offers continuous global financial support, extending to a variety of injuries, including those that could have a significant negative impact on your life.

Core cover benefit

MultiProtect automatically includes the following benefits, with a monthly premium from £8 to £40.

Broken bones

Broken bones benefit pays up to £3,750 per Broken Bone, even if there are multiple bone breakages.

UK hospital stays

Hospital stay benefit payments of up to £250 per 24-hour period when you are admitted to a hospital in the UK. This applies to an accident or sickness (sickness is also covered once you’ve had the policy exceeding a period of 12 months).

Funeral benefit

The funeral benefit payments increase year on year with up to £10,000 if you die as a result of natural causes.

Accidental permanent injury

Accidental permanent injury covers a wide range of life-altering injuries up to £250,000.

Total permanent disability

The total permanent disability insurance covers up to £250,000.

Accidental death

Should the worst happen, MultiProtect provides cover for up to £200,000.

Optional Cover

MultiProtect also provides three additional cover options starting from just £1 per month.

Child Cover

Child Cover presents an array of inclusions such as broken bones, hospitalization, and even coverage for children's cancer. This safeguard extends to children from 6 months to 18 years of age, or up to 23 years (if the child is pursuing full-time education), their place of residence does not matter. It is not mandatory for children to reside with the policyholder.

Active Lifestyle

The Active Lifestyle cover offers extra protection for injuries like ligament tears, tendon ruptures,, and dislocations. The Active Lifestyle cover assures you to continue pursuing the physical activities you enjoy without worrying about expensive hospital stays in case of an injury.

Healthcare Cover

Healthcare Cover is for those who may be at potential risk of contracting illnesses. This cover is an ideal option for those working in the healthcare sector.

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