Why you should consider getting Home Insurance in the UK

A home is anyone’s dream come true, an achievement to many representing years of hard work and their financial commitment towards owning their place to live. Your home signifies a place of solace, or a sanctuary for you and your family. Protecting a home comes as a priority for many, and home insurance plays a crucial role in this investment.

Here's why getting home insurance in the UK is not just a good idea, but a step towards financial security and peace of mind:

Protection from unexpected events:

Just like anywhere else in the world, life in the UK too can be unpredictable. From sudden storms and floods to fire outbreaks and burglaries, various events can damage your property, resulting in substantial repair costs. Home insurance acts as a financial shield, protecting you from the repair or replacement costs of such damage to your property and belongings.

Standard home insurance policies typically cover a range of uncertainties. Some of them may include the following:

Fire and smoke damage:

House fires are common occurrences. According to the UK government statistics, a total of 620,758 fire related incidents were recorded for the year ending in September 2022. When compared, this is a 16% increase to the previous year. In addition to facing hefty repair bills, this type of mishap can leave you having to vacate your premises until it is repaired and declared safe for occupancy.

Home insurance is an invaluable safety net at times like this and will help you cover the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home's structure after an unfortunate incident like this takes place.

Theft and burglary:

A home break-in can be a traumatic experience. Depending on the policy you choose, your home insurance will prove to be a source of financial strength by covering the cost of stolen items and any damage caused due to the break-in.

Storm and flood damage:

Unprecedented downpours, hail, and strong winds, likely linked to climate change, has been wreaking havoc on houses in the UK and around the globe in recent times. Exposed building sections such as roofs, windows, and external walls are particularly vulnerable to these extreme weather conditions. Flood damage in particular can be very destructive. If you are a victim of a natural disaster, home insurance will provide the financial support you need to recover from such weather-related events.

Protecting your valued possessions

William Shakespere once said “People are usually the happiest at home”. And true to this quote, a person's home will usually have cherished and valuable belongings ranging from furniture, electronics, to artwork, and sentimental items. While some items may not be replaceable if destroyed, replacing what can be replaced, will cost you a significant portion of your finances.

Some home insurance policies may include contents cover. A contents cover will provide financial compensation for the repair or replacement of these valuable possessions within the home.

You may have to check with your insurance adviser about the level of coverage for contents. Contents cover usually is a separate policy that can be included within your overall home insurance policy. Carefully assess the value of your belongings and choose a contents cover that adequately protects your possessions.

Peace of mind and security

Owning your home in the UK is not only a significant investment, but also something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Knowing your property and possessions are financially protected provides you with much needed peace of mind.

Home insurance allows you to focus on enjoying the perks of your home instead of constantly worrying about potential threats and/or losses. This sense of security is invaluable, contributing to a more relaxed and comfortable living environment.

Additional benefits

Some home insurance providers in the UK offer a range of value added benefits. Some of these might include:

Alternative Accommodation:

If your home becomes uninhabitable due to an hazardous situation, some policies may include financial assistance that provides for temporary accommodation.

Accidental Damage:

Small incidents such as spilled paint or a broken window can turn out to be annoying or even frequent occurrences. These minor, but accidental damage to your own property's fixtures and fittings can be covered under optional add-on within the policy.

Garden and Outbuildings:

Your garden shed or other outbuildings could also be insured for property damage and theft.

It's important to compare policies and choose one that offers the coverage options most relevant to your needs and circumstances. Speak to an adviser at BVS Mortgage and Financial Advisers before embarking on a home insurance scheme to reap the most out of your home insurance.


Home insurance is an investment that you make with the well-being of your home and your family in mind.

By carefully considering the potential risks and financial implications of unforeseen events, no doubt you will see the benefits and value a home insurance policy brings.

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