Contents Insurance: What do I need to know about it?

“What we anticipate seldom occurs; what we least expect generally happens” this fitting line was quoted by the famous British statesman Benjamin Disraeli, writer, politician and former Prime Minister of the UK.

And how true it is to this day. Although we plan for the future, what really happens in life can be unexpected, moreover these unexpected occurrences may not always be good ones. According to the UK government’s statistical information, there were 622,173 household fire related incidents during the year ending in March 2023. The statistics recorded a 7.8% increase when compared to the previous year.

This article explores what Contents Insurance could mean to you and help you cope with unexpected misfortunes.

What exactly is Content Insurance?

This is an insurance cover that can be applied to all the moveable items within the house. This cover can include furniture, clothing, audio visual equipment, electronic appliances, essentially anything within the confines of the property.  

Why should you invest in a Contents Insurance cover?

Getting yourself Contents Insurance is a wise investment. By obtaining an insurance policy such as this, you're providing yourself a financial safety net for the future. Contents Insurance covers you for losses caused due to flooding, burglary and fire. Imagine facing a break-in or a flood. Contents Insurance ensures you can recover with peace of mind, thanks to the financial support it provides.

Is content insurance in the UK expensive?

Content insurance premiums are calculated based on the value your household has. Another way premiums are calculated is by the number of rooms your property has. If the valuation is done on the contents within the house, it is usually termed as a sum-insured policy. But if it is valued on the number of rooms, then it is termed as a bedroom rated policy.

While insurance companies will have pricing mechanisms unique to each of them, the average cost for content insurance will be in the region of £55 - £75 annually. However this could change depending on factors such as:

  • Value of the items within your home: Expensive art works, valuable jewelry, high end electronic equipment, due to the high value of these items, the premium you pay could be higher than the average.
  • Where you live: Location is everything. If your property is located in central London for instance, your premium will be higher than if you were in a lesser commercially valued area.
  • Your premium payment frequency: Depending on the insurer you wish to go with, they may have discount pricing on lump sum payments. Annual payments for instance are lump sum payments, and the chances of getting a better rate from your insurer are greater than if you opted for a monthly payment schedule.
  • Your job: Yes, this does matter. Celebrities, actors or professionals in specialized fields may have to pay a higher premium than motor trades people and retirees.

Before finalizing your content insurance, be sure to clarify all the details with your insurance broker. Speak to one of our highly experienced insurance brokers at BVS Financial Services and Mortgages, they will be able to guide and help you make informed decisions.

What does Contents Insurance not cover?

Just like any other insurance policy, Contents Insurance does have its exclusions. As seen in the above examples, it does provide payouts for fire, flood damage and even burglary. However if your house hold items are damaged due to wear and tear, intentional damage to the items within the house, damages due to pets, misplaced items (lost items) or even theft occurring due to carelessness (I.e: You left your door or windows unlocked and a thief was able to gain access into your home). These will not permit a payout for this policy. Again, each insurance company may have their own way of doing things differently, so it would be pertinent to discuss all the clauses the policy has before deciding to finalize it. In some cases insurers may have options that allow you to pay an additional amount which will act as a benefit to the policy to cover accidental damage.


Contents Insurance is a great way to keep your future assured. In this post, we’ve seen how it can be an asset just when you need to deal with an unexpected situation. Life is always uncertain, and having a policy like this in place will certainly provide you with peace of mind. We are reminded of the foresight of Benjamin Disraeli, who knew the importance of being ready to face the future.

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